Our 9 Core Services


Educational Service

Technical Intern Trainees

Media Service

Construction Service

Consulting Service

Nursing and Care Service

Entertainment Service

Beauty Service

Human Resource Service (Procast Agency)

Procast Agency has close connection with our educational service department and mainly provides high spec workforces who mastered Japanese language.
The mother company, Procast group has run business as staffing and worker dispatching agency for over 25 years. We provide Japanese standard service in Kampuchea based on our know-how.
We all work hard so that we can provide sufficient outsourcing services.。

Business Items (Staffing service)
Sales / Office work / Marketing / Retail / Transport, Distribution, Manufacturing / Selling / Food related / Media related / Construction related / Engineering / Medical related etc.

Business Items (Worker dispatching service)
Driver / Interpretation / Translation / Transport, Distribution, Manufacturing / Sales food related / Event related etc.

【To Companies】The flow of introduction of human resources

This is the flow from how to inquire to acceptance in the view of company who seeks human resources.
Please feel free to ask any questions about details of the contract.

1. Please contact us by phone or E-mail.
2. A person in charge visit your office and ask detail.
3. We choose appropriate personnel based on the detail.
4. We arrange an interview. The candidates are chosen from our personnel.
※Execution of usage contract is needed before an actual interview.
5. After the interview, you choose which person you would like to hire, then go through the procedure of joining your company.
 ※We offer workforces again if there are no appropriate personnel.

【To those who seek job】The flow of introduction of job

This is the flow how an applicant enters a job.

1. We adopt a registration system so you need to register yourself first. First step is to adjust schedule of registration date.
 ※ Any fees are not charged for registration and introduction of work.

2. Occasional visit registrations are held for those who live far from our office. Please ask the date as needed.

3. We thoroughly ask your condition and experience on the registration day.
※ Some occupations such as translator and driver need simple language test(English / Japanese).

4. We provide job-opening information that meets your condition.

5. If you find a job to apply, you take first interview with us and then we arrange second interview with the company.

6. If you receive an acceptance letter, you start the job after the procedure of joining the company.

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Educational Service (Procast Language Center)

(PLC)Procast Language Center (PLC) is a small-group language school based in Phnom Penh.
We provide a high-quality educational service for students and young people who want to learn Japanese and Kampuchean people who work for Japanese companies.

So all of our teachers are Japanese and we can deal N3 to N1 (Japanese language levels) and can provide high-level lessons.
In addition, we tie up with Kampuchean prestigious universities and have a lot of students from there.
Details Here

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Technical Intern Abroad Service(Procast Cambodia Co., Ltd.)

外国人技能実習生送出し事業We have supported Kampuchea with the Japan Cambodia Interactive Association (JCIA).
We constructed 15,000㎡size of “ The Phnom Penh Thmey Vocational Training Center ” under the Ministry of Social Affair in the suburb of Phnom Penh.
In 2013 the center was thoroughly renewed and changed to” POSEN CHEY SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT CENTER ” so that we can provide more substantial services including solid manner training, effective lessons with PC, and of course fruitful Japanese lessons.
In summer of 2015, we will build a new school near Phnom Penh city. We will work on creating an environment that enables to educate highly capable human resources through expanding places for education.
Please feel free to ask us if you are thinking to receive Kampuchean Technical Intern.

Procast Cambodia Web

Media Service

We run a job information website, “Cambodia Job NAVI”, taking advantage of a job information website managing know-how we have experienced in Japan.
Focusing on the capital city, Phnom Penh, a wide range of information is posted from Japanese companies to local firms. Our systemized membership website offers smooth career change, providing several useful functions such as 【Automatic Matching】and【A New Job Notification】
In addition, with company side of registration, 【Head hunting】and【Scout function which can directly approach to candidates 】can be used.
This user-friendly job information website is easy to find “A company you want to work” or “A workforce you want to hire”

Construction Service

A wide range of skilled workforces belong to us such as architectural students, technicians who work on the site, experienced Japanese engineers in Kampuchea.
We deal with a lot of categories of construction services such as hotels, shopping centers, office buildings, restaurants, and road buildings based on know-how we built up in Japan.

Consulting Service

Now Kampuchea is rapidly developing compared to other Asian countries, receiving global attention. We support your first step of overseas expansion.
Our consulting department provides total solution services including a wide variety of marketing researches, making research reports, setting up appointment with local companies, translations, consulting about business agreements, introducing local estate agents or translators, and inspection tours.

Nursing and care business

Now and in the near future, Japan is facing serious labor shortage in nursing and care business. Japanese government started to invite foreign human resources in medical industry (as EPA).But it has not solved the problem yet because of the language barrier.
So we offer thorough Japanese language education to students, ting up with Kampuchean nursing colleges so as to create capable human resources who can speak Japanese well.

Entertainment Service

We provide Japanese information to Kampuchea, creating radio programs (Already done) and TV problems (Planning now).
Also we can organize an all-in-one event in Kampuchea; Site management, Site guide service on the day, Arranging staff, and removing equipment.
We have got involved in an event management business for a long time in Japan and have provided our employees severe pre-training so that they can work flexibly on the day. We can deal with several types of events in Kampuchea, using the know-now we built up in Japan.

Beauty Service

These days, there are a lot of fashion-oriented young people in Kampuchea. Spread of the Internet has made all kind of information rapidly go round and inspired young people go shopping on their days off.
So the beauty industry in Kampuchea is developing but it is urgent to solve current staffing shortage.
In this circumstance, we have formed partnership with a female entrepreneur, Kem Khemara who works on supporting Kampuchean women through beauty-related job creation. We Procast-Asia teach Japanese languages and Japanese-style manner training and she provides beauty skill training so that high skilled beauty staff can be created.
Mastering Japanese enables to work in Japan as well, which opens a lot of doors for Kampuchean women.
In addition, by spreading Japanese quality cosmetics into Kampuchea, we would like to support Kampuchean women’s beauty.