I’ll submit to Tokyo Vic site “Japan, China and Asian material forum”!

Professional cast Asia professional cast Cambodia is held by Tokyo Vic site on 4/15 Friday.
I’ll submit to “Japan, China and Asian material forum”.

【Submitting details】
The date and time:Friday, April 15, 2016

The submitting booth:A19・A20・A21

Holding time:PM 12:30~17:30

Even our formal Facebook is opening it for details. facebook_logo

◆Please access more than the following QR Code!



Current professional cast ad has run 200 cars!

Also I ran to the neighboring areas as well as Phnom Penh city.
In Cambodia tuk-tuk has been used as a tool of good advertising.
Signboard of the design was also changed to easy-to-read design at night has changed from this month!
Nice person was your job in Japan, please let us know.

IMG_1892 (2) IMG_1198 IMG_1195

Reveille “oath of skills apprentices”

We’ve got to foster education in the professional cast Cambodia!
Say the “oath of skills apprentices” always in the morning meeting.
In addition, the apprentice seriously each and every of the “feelings” of “want to go to Japan,” I had to hit to our staff.