Manner Training for Japanese Companies

We have wide range of training contents from basic greetings to Japanese ways to think on business.
Not only teaching them, we also work on changing employees’ minds, teaching why Japanese people have particular rules or how they can solve current problems. We always think with you. We always try to solve your problems.
We do a double check training for 1 month to radicate what they learned.

Japanese-Language Training Course

Our course is customizable from Beginner to Advanced according to your level and budget.
Not only teaching according to the textbooks, we also do phrases lessons which can be used in business to advance communication skills.



Company A: 5 trainees 2 hours/day (4 days)

Lectured basic Japanese way of thinking. We focused on why we have to follow the rules. The local employees, who were taught but didn’t understand them before, thoroughly understood the meanings of the rules. After the training, the number of the local employees who tried to communicate with Japanese staffs increased.

Company B : 4 trainees 2 hours/day (3 days)

Had a training with 1 Japanese and 3 local employees. Japanese staff was able to reconsider himself. They got to greet with a big voice and got involved each other.

Company C : 5 trainees 1 hour (4days / a week)

Basic things such as greetings were already trained by the company itself. In order to improve them, our training system was conducted. Manners on business and an importance of information management including daily reporting were trained,which resulted in re-forming employees' consciousness; they got to take better care of their work.